How to Get to Your Dream Destination

Money is not your main problem. It’s not your schedule.  Definitely not your responsibilities in life.

If you want to check Europe off of your dream destinations list, or even simply experience going to your neighbor countries in Southeast Asia like Singapore and Malaysia for a 4 days and 3 nights trip, you need to prioritize.

I also thought I knew how to prioritize, until after I read this book.

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.

This book is not just about how you can stop basing your actions on the thoughts and reactions of the people around you. The main point imparted by Mark Manson in this book is to live your life based on your priorities.

Getting to your dream destinations is your goal. But if it isn’t first on your list, the less likely it will happen because our actions, consciously or unconsciously, are rooted from it.

Throughout the book, Mark Manson will leave you reevaluating your values in life with a very simple question,

‘What matters to you?’

For a moment, detach yourself from your mind and body like how Chloe Moretz was, in her movie If I Stay, when she was in coma. But don’t pretend you’re in coma. Stay conscious with a GCS (Glasgow Coma Scale) score of 15, so you’ll respond well.

You told yourself ‘I want to travel to Singapore this year,’ yet you spend Php200, three times a week for a Starbucks drink. Sometimes, you spend Php2000 a week for dresses and shoes you do not actually need. How about the small snacks you pick up from 7Eleven worth Php50 everyday?

If you decide to save the money, by the end of the month you can get a roundtrip ticket to Singapore from AirAsia when their offers are up. You’ll get a nice holiday in  but you’ll suffer from the loss of immediate pleasures you typically experience from your old habits.

Otherwise, you’ll still be happy. However, you will continue to daydream and keep that dream destination just a dream.

Here’s the best prescription, a more definitive question, from the book that made my decision-making time short and the process easier.

“What pain do you want in life? What are you willing to struggle for?”

Whatever you choose, it will give you happiness. At the same time, it will also give you a certain level of pain. That’s why, Mark Manson suggested that you should look at which problem you will enjoy dealing with rather than just the picture of happiness you are trying to pursue.

So if you really wanted to experience a relaxing dip at the infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands with a glass of non-alcoholic fresh fruit cocktail on your hand while savoring the beautiful skyscrapers at night, be entertained by the colorful SuperTree Grove that plays melodious music to you at night, and finally getting a photo of yourself with the Merlion Statue for your instagram, ask yourself that question.


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