Panorama Langkawi: Foot to Peak of Mt. Gunung Machinchang

I asked our service to drop me off where the Sky Panorama is. It was just 2 o’clock and I don’t have another day to experience this famous tourist attraction in Malaysia.

I wrote about Oriental Village (the entry point) and my experience on their attractions here.



Deep within the Oriental village is the bottom station of the SkyCab. I came to the ticket station with a very short queue, bought my ticket at MYR55 (Php708) and was saved from  the Express Lane fee of MYR90 (Php1158).

I wasn’t that excited to ride a gondola as it wasn’t my first. I had the same one in Taif, Saudi Arabia.

As soon as I was rising up to the middle station, the jaw-dropping sight of the Pantai Kok Beach with its white sand and turquoise waters changed my opinion.




“This is a different cable car ride.”


Seated facing the islands, I got a glimpse of the Seven Wells Waterfalls on my left. Think of riding a helicopter and seeing waterfalls from the top. SkyCab saved me a fortune!

The rest of the surroundings is the healthy forest covering the mountain ranges. An excellent treat from working in an urban dessert for almost four years, it’s refreshing to the eyes.


I got a better view of the island 650 meters above sea level at a stop in the middle station.  I pinched myself lightly thinking that it could be just a dream, took pictures for a while and moved on.

I took the next gondola alone after feeling contented with the beautiful scenery.



Sky Bridge

I have finally climbed the highest peak I have ever recorded in my life with a worldwide known cheat, the 15-minute SkyCab ride.

IMG_4917Off to the SkyBridge. I can either give my legs a ten-minute walk down to a short portion of the SkyTrail or pay an extra RM10 (Php120) for a two-minute ride via a SkyGlide, a telephone-booth looking glass sliding up and down a rail for a comfortable transport.

I chose the brief hike.


What’s amazing on the way down was seeing an old woman conquering the steep steps.

Journaling in my thoughts, “I should be that strong and still traveling when I reach that age.”

The sun shone brightly as I first set my foot on the bridge. I wasn’t afraid but the bridge is a bit shaky. The winds are strong and my cap needs a hold before the speedy air steal it away from me.


Suddenly, cold breeze enveloped me as I walk along the narrow SkyBridge. The thick fog running towards us and the seemingly forming clouds darkening the sky signaled us to sprint towards the left end of the bridge to its viewing platform.

It rained. My camera has no protection but it didn’t stop me from covering the extraordinary phenomenon.



The fog clung onto my body and kissed my face. The raindrops poked me from the sides. The roof wasn’t enough to prevent the nature’s casts to greet us.

The meeting lasted for a short while and the sun went back. I wanted to check the viewing deck placed up the top station.

Sky Bistro

At 708 metres above sea level, I walked around the SkyBistro. I’m feeling full so the sweets and sodas did not attract me.


I was surprised with the heart locks attached on the rails. A globally popular extra feature to any hot tourist spot, I didn’t get curious how to add one for me to mark my visit there.


They have the option to take the SkyTrail, a two-and-a-half hour hike down to the base station of the SkyCab. Unfortunately, it was closed.

The weather did not improve so I took the gondola again and had one all for myself.



It was rainy season so the weather was unpredictable. Nevertheless, the experiences I had is something I don’t experience daily which made me treasure the visit more. So I don’t regret or will I recommend travelers to skip this time of the year in exploring this rich island.

How was your experience in Sky Panorama?

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