Panorama Langkawi: Oriental Village and Pantai Kok Attractions


I have seen footages of this theme park located at Pantai Kok about 30 minutes away from the Kilim Geoforest Park.


A small bridge at the entrance made me smile. “I’m here!”

It was quite a note of what I was mainly looking forward to in this place. Only that, it is suspended at the peak of Mount Gunung Machinchang. Right now, I’m at its base.

I walked past restaurants, clothing and souvenir stores. I discovered that I can also book a night in the GeoPark Hotel built within the site if I will head here directly from the airport.

After my descent from the top of the mountain, I completed all the attractions included in my ticket.

3D Art Langkawi

Art lover. Check! Museum Lover. Check!


This is my first 3D Art Museum. I hesitated to get inside as I know it won’t be enjoyable alone. All the travelers around you are preoccupied on thinking about their next poses for each 3D art. So I’m sure I won’t bother any of them to take a photo of me.

It was huge inside compared to the tiny feeling its entrance gave me. Overall, I’m glad it’s part of the admission fee.


A 3D experience of being chased by dinosaurs for 5 minutes. It was short but super fun and thrilling!



After escaping the T-rex in the jungle, I relaxed inside the theater-like room. It was comfortable for the body with its soft chairs but gazing towards its roof made up of 12 projectors for 10 minutes was quite a strain on the neck.


That MYR55 was definitely cheap with all the activities it covered. It was around 5:30 in the afternoon when I decided to leave Pantai Kok, filled my belly with a hotdog sandwich and hired an Uber back to Kuah.


Have you visited the Panorama in Langkawi? What attraction highlights your stay apart from the SkyCab and SkyBridge?



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