What Travel Bloggers Should Know Before Creating a WordPress Site

I’ve read every article Google has placed on top of its search results about starting a travel blog including the ones written by my favorites. Every content is the same. Get a host, create your domain name, sign up with WordPress, connect social media accounts and publish content. I’m unsatisfied. I have more questions.

Stepping out of the travelers pages, you’ll find many advice talking about decisions on your niche, frequency and timings of your postings, SEO tips, and more technicalities that would bring success to your page. Now this is what I was looking for. But none of this would sink in to you until you experience them yourself.

Here are the things I’ve learned three weeks after I have successfully followed guides on how to start a travel blog.


It is about the commitment and consistency which you would find unenjoyable if you are not serious about it.

Will you still work on your content knowing your friends are all gathered in the living room doing karaoke, or after getting drained from a task overload at work? Will you trade a good night sleep to regularly deliver blogs at least twice a week?

I entered this world knowing I know the truth behind the extraordinary lifestyle I thought it was, but I was welcomed with a big NO.


Do not be confused about linking your website to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram being the priority when established travel sites wrote this step prior to content production and publicity.

Provide beneficial posts first and then promote.

When I focused on getting readers to give the site a life and make its existence known, I discovered that getting a hundred was quick. You give an effortless hello and get a like back for those who would be kind enough to respond in a Blogger community.


No matter how people say, “It’s not about how you say it, but what you say,” the audience will always look for quality. Make a goal to ‘read a lot and write a lot’ as Stephen King advised writers-to-be.

For a non-native English speaker with an average mark on this subject in school, it will take me a book a week to read and at least 500 words a day to write to improve in this craft.

If you are in the same shoes, do not feel disheartened. Every first pieces you will make will be crappy and accepting it is a step to get better.


It’s not just for the SEO. It’s for your own sanity. Are you a team or are you working by yourself? What do you want to contribute to the world? Start with one.

My indecision has been my biggest enemy until today. Will I also share about mindset and motivation because it’s another interest of mine? Or will I stick with travel and books? Or just travels without the books?

Take time to think about it.


While the lifestyle of full-time travelers is very appealing, we should not neglect to check the behind-the-scenes and preview of the following actions before mimicking their footsteps. A blog is alive on its own with valuable content and will attract followers organically.

You do not only save yourself of disappointment from people who will unfollow you as soon as they got your attention, but also you have redirected your focus, time, and energy on generating materials that would glue them on your page.


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