Purple Cow


This book is a 100% Purple Cow. Seth Godin is. His innovative mind turned me into one of his millions of followers earnestly waiting everyday for his new post to learn. He’s the top author I look forward to seeing in my inbox.

What did I get from Purple Cow? 

I’m not building a business at the moment. I have no product to sell or a service to offer. It personally helped me think about my personal goals. What do I want to do in my life to write a remarkable story I would love to present to my parents and siblings, reread when I age, and share to my grandchildren?

Liking a lot of things and being a jack of all trades is not always a good thing when it comes to personal branding. What do I want to be recognized for? A painter? A healthcare provider? A yogi? A traveler? A writer? It’s a large clot that I need to dissolve so I could flow smoothly, radiate, and contribute a little in this world.

So, what is my Purple Cow? 

Seth Godin used the term “Otaku” for the overwhelming desire of people over something and spread it if it’s worth mentioning. As a consumer, what stands out for me without having to ask the factors that make a brand exceptional to my eyes?

If you would take me to a place of cafes sitting side by side, perhaps Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Tim Horton’s and an unknown Book Cafe, which one would you think I pick? I’d get in the unpopular Book Cafe. Not because the other 3 are too popular. For Starbucks I’d agree in terms of popularity becoming too boring. But all of them have excellent customer service, unique coffee taste and a relaxing atmosphere. I’m not a regular coffee drinker either. It’s simply my love for books. That to me is remarkable. It glitters to my eyes.

Similarly, a businessman would use his otaku to build it in to his brand or a marketing strategist would seek sneezers to advertise their products to.

I asked myself which is shining the brightest amongst what I mentioned above that I would regret not doing now and forever? At this part, I was still denying about my answer – an otaku about new places, new adventures, new lessons everyday. Partly because my profession is limiting my freedom to do so. And I can’t switch in a snap which is saddening. It is a childhood dream that I had a taste of recently and I’m not willing to give it up.

Applying my old lessons, the obstacle is the way, I did trial and error to create a bridge and get there. I invested a year working on Illustrations which started as a project with the help of friends I’d share in another post. While the potential is there, the frustrations and long hours of studies and practice doesn’t really appeal to me. Learning it was fun and also boring when the task gets harder. I ended this chapter on December 2017. I don’t have enough otaku about it.

On the other hand, I would happily write my journey and and share it to the world. That, I have endless supply of when traveling or not. That, I’m willing to use as my bridge. But then Seth Godin added, it is not about passion. It is not something one would necessary like. Purple Cows just work because nothing else works.

It confused me for a while. It contradicts the idea of Otaku. I went from one’s extreme liking to not following my passion. His case studies cleared it somehow.

Howard Shultz created Starbucks out of his coffee otaku. Seth Godin highly recommends his Doctor because of his outstanding character. There’s a deep concern at the very core of their products and action. I can still see passion in there.

Purple Cows are born from, he said, “the desire of passionate people to create something for themselves”. And then it spreads because it is authentic. There’s always one mysterious factor from each of us that makes us a Purple Cow.

Immediately after finishing Purple Cow I read Seth Godin’s blog, “Start small, start now.” From that, I concluded it with this journal of mine.

I don’t aspire for millions of followers. I looked for my Purple Cow for my self-fulfillment. My twitter account has about 20 followers to date. I use it primarily as a space to free up storage in my mind. I intentionally did not look for my contacts there. My Instagram barely reaches 200. I use it as my travel photography album. I created a Facebook to act like my Mail Chimp because I refuse to compete in your inboxes.

I’m not after the numbers. I prefer genuine connections. I recommend what I truly found remarkable. I see effort more than the results. I give credits to whom it’s due. I appreciate more than I am authorized to critique.

I’m not an excellent writer. I’m not even a good speaker. But my Purple Cow is out. It’s newly born and it needs a lot of nurturing. And you’re always welcome to stop by.



2 thoughts on “Purple Cow

  1. When you do it for you you do it with love, passion and you just want to. You are in the place of being you and you are filled with these ideas and you don’t don’t think twice and by the time you do you are already doing


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