4 Travel Blogs For Your First Successful Travel


While traveling solo is at the top of your bucket list, this kind of adventure might be frightening to you. Reading on the experience of adventurers around the world helps. However, the thousands of search results Google will provide you could overwhelm you as a beginner. To narrow down your options, here are my favorite travel blogs you should follow to get that goal checked off your list. 


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The Poor Traveler

If you’re a Filipino like me, Yoshke and Vins are your best travel resource. Learning about travels from a Filipino stance is the quickest way to travel like a pro. Their travel style is designed for budget travelers and short-term holidays. Perfect for every Filipino professionals and in under any circumstances. Their travel guide in exploring Malaysia is my favorite pick.

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Nomadic Matt

We want to travel cheap yet we want the best experience we can have. Learn from the New York Times best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a day, Matt! He provides comprehensive travel information from tips, preparation and guides that would help you on your own personalized adventure. His section for Solo Female Travel is definitely my most highlighted reads.


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Flying The Nest

The Australian Travel Couple I enjoy watching, Stephen and Jess, run this super amazing travel blog/vlog. They will make you fall in love with the places they have explored and to their relationship as well. Their wedding in Mykonos Greece is my favorite vlog amongst all that they have posted on their Youtube Channel. You can also read tips and tricks from their website here. Their love and enthusiasm on traveling keeps mine alive!

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Just One Way Ticket

Sab is just as fabolous as her travel blogs. The first time I encounter her page was when I was searching for fun things to do in Langkawi Island in Malaysia. Then I read more, and got hooked with her travel stories. If you are searching for Fun Things To Do anywhere in the world, remember Sab.

So save more time reading and researching with these 4 Travel Blogs I love (and I’m sure you would too!) and get your first memorable solo adventure soon!

In my next post, I’ll be sharing to you how to make a DIY Travel Itinerary. It’s more fun and cheaper to travel when your schedule is customized by you!

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