Seven Big Thanks for 2017

Counting down to 2018, I recount my year and made this list of things I’m grateful for. There were so many new and good experiences and opportunities that were added and some old yet improving in my life’s history this 2017.

1. Family and Relatives

I feel blessed to be given with parents and siblings who strongly supports my crazy, fun and a little bit expensive pursuits in life considering our status. I am also grateful to be granted with all the resources to support them back in their own needs and dreams. Having relatives sharing pure love gives me great joy too. Their understanding and respect for individuality means a lot to me.

2. Best Friends, Close Friends, Colleagues

I am grateful for having best friends from the other side of the world, who are not related to me by blood but treat me as family. And also, who willingly plays the role as my mentor. I am very proud to have talented and passionate close friends who even without frequent chatting, our bonds stay the same.  And for my colleagues with various backgrounds from whom I pick up stories filled with lessons and inspiration from, I appreciate all the big and small things we shared.

3. Work

There were times I perceived my profession as a major hindrance to my ultimate life goal – to travel around the world. After reading Ryan Holidays’ The Obstacle is the Way and realizing my achievements in life through it, now I feel greatly indebted to it. I will forever be grateful for it.

4. Authors and the knowledge they imparted through their books.

I have made progress this year and was inspired by them to continuously push myself to always learn, apply them and grow, and make a difference in this world even through tiny things. I treasure every part of their masterpieces.

5. Travels.

It felt like a dream. And it was the dream in reality. I have explored for about 17 days straight to 10 destinations in 4 Countries including my own for the first time. This is a very short travel to some but in my job’s nature, it is equivalent to a third of a two-year contract.

6. Life Accessories.

This year’s activities requires gadgets and items to travel, to navigate places, to capture photos, to communicate, to endure long walks, to transport, to book tickets and reservations, and more. Nothing is more rewarding than acquiring materials from money you worked hard for.

And last but not the least,

7. Ross Journals!

I’ve been feeling empty and I know what is missing. A regular reader of Seth Godin’s Blog,  I read his recent post, “Start small, start now.” I felt like he’s speaking to me directly. So without hesitation I moved and acted on to start filling up the spaces in my heart. I gifted myself with a promise that has been long overdue.

Hello, fellow nurses, travelers and readers! I’m wrapping my 2017 with this gratitude list. But I would also like to begin my 2018 welcoming you into this blog of mine. I want to share the fun and challenges of traveling, some tips from my adventures, readings while waiting for my next trips, etcetera. Hope you join in the fun!










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